Horseriding Lessons in Tuscany

Refine at the Antico Casale your English or Western Riding Style

Experts and beginners, adults and children will get acquainted with the horse, overcoming their fear whilst improving their technique and style, thanks to our qualified F.I.S.E./E.N.G.E.A. instructors and to individual horseriding courses or lessons.

Improve your English or Western style thanks to our lessons and you will be ready for thrilling walks and excursions through Tuscan Maremma.

Rates and Course Durations: English and Western Riding Style

Table 1 » Rates and Course Durations 2011
Lesson Type Duration Rates
Single Lesson 1h € 35.00
Lesson + Walking 1h30 € 55.00
Single Lesson (Children) 30′ € 20.00
Riding for Beginners 1h € 30.00
Riding Medium level 2h € 65.00
Riding for Intermediates/Experts (*) 3-4h € 75.00
Group Lessons (3 – 6 people) 1h € 25.00

(*) On Friday there is a stop with lunch in Cellar.

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