Wellness Treatments in Tuscany: from Body to Soul

Massages, Oriental Therapies, Beauty Treatments and Wellbeing

A taste of Wellness with relaxing and beauty treatments. Choose the ideal path to awaken and rejuvenate your body and soul.

The Toning Path and the Salt Caves

The indoor and outdoor toning path, included in the Spa access, starts with a relaxing and toning steam bath in the Calidarium (15’) followed by the Laconicum, that helps strengthening your immune system (15’); in order to reinvigorate and rejuvenate your body, you should alternate the steam baths with the cold chromotherapy showers.

The next step is a Relaxing Bath in the indoor swimming pool with Dead Sea salts 30°, followed by a delightful break with our Organic Herbal Teas. Then you can start the outdoor path taking a hot bath in the two panoramic outdoor Jacuzzis, perfect to rejuvenate body and soul.

A nice waln into nature will lead you to the Caves:
Sea Breeze: steam bath in the Salt Cave with iodine, perfect for colds and asthma (15’)
Steams of Maremma: steam bath with Mediterranean scents, to stir your senses (15’)
Alternate the two caves with the Cascade to rejuvenate your body. Enjoy your experience in our Spa!

From Friday to Sunday: from 2.00 pm to 7.30 pm.
From Monday to Thursday: on request

Night Spa

Wellness Treatments - Night Spa: Antico Casale di Scansano

Reserve a Night in Our Spa

Intriguing Night Spa Offers

Exclusive offers for the couple with off-hour use of the spa, entirely dedicated to you. Choose our Night Spa offers and spend magic private moments with your partner. We have something to suit any taste: the classic experience, for a one-hour private emotion with your partner; the romantic offer, for an important moment or to seal your love; and finally, the most original and creative offer, dedicated to Cupid, that will make you irresistible!

Love Privé

Feel CLASSIC: 1 hour in the Spa (romantic atmosphere, with candle light and soft music). Use of the indoor swimming pool with warm water and Dead Sea salts. Seafood Finger food by the swimming pool with Berlucchi wine.

From 08:30pm to 09:30pm » € 99.00 per couple

Romantic Escape Privé

Feel ROMANTIC: 2 hours in the Spa el Centro Benessere (romantic atmosphere, with candle light and soft music). Use of the indoor swimming pool with warm water and Dead Sea salts. Warm bath under the stars in the outdoor Jacuzzi (35°), with Champagne toast. “Passion sweets” tasting (with spiced chocolate cookies) by the swimming pool, with spiced hot chocolate. Red or blue rose (to your choice).

Duration 2h » € 149.00 per couple

Cupid Privé

Feel ORIGINAL: Night entrance in the Spa (romantic atmosphere, with candle light and soft music). Use of the indoor swimming pool with warm water and Dead Sea salts, coloured with Cupid’s Hearts and special incriptions. Floating Bottle in the swimming pool with a customized Love Message. Warm bath under the stars in the outdoor Jacuzzi (35°). Finger food by the swimming pool with Moet & Chandon champagne.

Duration: until midnight! » € 249.00 per couple

The Massage Centre

Light Path

Follow your feelings and choose the natural scent you prefer to customize this treatment, which includes a delicate body scrub, a vigourous rubbing with hot clothes and a massage with the melted butters of a candle, to brighten up your face and body skin.

Duration 90′ » € 90.00

Body Light Path

Choose ylang ylang, vanilla or bergamot oil to customize the scent of the body scrub and massage for a totally matural emulsion.

Duration 50′ » € 60.00

Facial Light Path

Enjoy a delicate scrub and massage with scented oils, brighten up your skin and get high with rejuvenating fragrances.

Duration 25′ » € 35.00

Hot Stones Massage

Wellness Treatments - Massages: Antico Casale di ScansanoMassage using lavic and basaltic stones, heated at about 60 – 70 degrees, that hold and slowly release heat.

The Benefits are twofold…
It offers a long-lasting sensation of peace and

Duration 50′ » € 75.00

Anti-Stress Massage

This slow and gentle massage relaxes together body and mind, helping you let yourself go and experiment total escape from stress.

Duration 25′/50′ » € 40.00 / 70.00

Great Relax Massage

Lose your consciousness of time and relax completely your body and mind, thanks to the slow and rhythmic waves of this massage.

Duration 80′ » € 135.00

AromaTherapy Massage

A delicate and relaxing massage thanks to the double action of essential oils, that stimulate both your sense of smell and of touch.

Duration 50′ » € 70.00

Vodder Lymphatic – Leg Massage

This special manual technique helps to reduce liquid retention by stimulating lymphatic circulation.
Duration 40′ » € 50.00

(*) On demand “Complete Drainage”
Duration 60′ » € 80.00

Holistic Massage

Occidental and oriental techniques combined for a full body – mind – spirit harmony.

Duration 25′/50′ » € 45.00/75.00

MAXI-Holistic Massage

More techniques for greater benefits. Obtain a full psychophysical health through both occidental and oriental therapies.

Duration 80′ » € 135.00

Craniosacral Treatment

Physical and emotional stress can affect natural craniosacral movements. Thanks to gentle and soft manipulations your entire system will regain its natural fluid motion.

Duration 50′ » € 75.00

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Oriental Therapies Centre

Wellness Treatments - Hammam: Antico Casale di Scansano

The Original Morocco Hammam Ritual at the Antico Casale

A corner of Morocco in the heart of Tuscan Maremma

The Hammam finds its roots in the ancient Roman “Thermae”. Thermal baths were at the time health, wellness and social life centres, which quickly spread all around the Mediterranean area. After the fall of the Roman Empire, Arabs continued the tradition of the hot thermal baths in their Hammams (Arabic word for “to heat”), which were smaller and characterized by an easier bathing procedure. The hammam became another time a haven for health – particularly indicated against rheumathism – and a place for socializing.

Maroccan Hammam

A deep cleansing and purifying ritual on marble, original from Morocco. A steam bath followed by a scrub with black soap, a massage using the typical Kassa, and a final lymphatic massage with special Argan oil. At the end of the treatment you may taste delicious Arabic tea in the Resting area.

Duration 50’ » € 90.00

Flash Hammam

Regain your energy with a steam bath, a body scrub with salts or olive oil soap and a final fresh steaming with perfumed water.

Duration 30′ » € 40.00


This traditional Japanese massage stimulates energy meridians, restoring balance between the upper (yang) and lower half (yin) of your body. It consists of a special pressure and stretching of different body parts in harmony with earth gravity, performed on the traditional “futon”.

Duration 50′ » € 75.00

Plantar Reflexology

The foot is the mirror of our body, emotions and thoughts. Foot massages stimulate organ functioning, relax muscles and strengthen your immune system.

Duration 30′ » € 45.00

Integrated Reflexology

Foot massage is combined to other techniques which work on the problems revealed by reflexology.

Duration 50′ » € 75.00

Ayurvedic Massage

This massage started in India about 5000 years ago. Thanks to heated vegetable oils it helps body detoxication, relaxes your mind and tones up your spirit.

Duration 50′ » € 75.00

SUPER Ayurvedic Massage

A complete body and face massage that has a deep regenerating effect. Special techniques and moves give your mind, body and spirit a full sense of peace and health.

Duration 80′ » € 135.00

Shiroabyangam Massage

A specific face and head massage with sesame and coconut oil which relaxes your mind and facial features.

Duration 25′ » € 40.00

Padabyangam Massage

Indian massage with spiced oils specific for strained feet and legs.

Duration 25’ € 40.00

Reiki and Crystals

Reiki and the energy derived by crystals work together to stimulate a deep sense of relaxation and interior regeneration. When your body and mind totally relax, a way to heart and meditation will be opened.

Duration 50′ » € 70.00

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Body Beauty Treatments

Nuvola (Cloud) Treatment with Clay Compress

Wellness Treatments - Body: Antico Casale di ScansanoThe combined action of a clay compress…

…and its special proprieties.

Work together to offer you full relaxation, while floating in a soft and warm “cloud”.

Duration 25′ » € 35.00

“Honey Cloud” Treatment

A chestnut honey compress with deep nutritional effects for your skin and also beneficial for the circulation.

Duration 25′ » € 35.00

“Super Hydrating Cloud” Treatment

Deep hydrating treatment using precious organic oils like Jojoba and Argan.

Duration 25′ » € 40.00

Cloud Treatment with Sea Water

Re-balance your skin ph with a sea-water compress.

Duration 25′ » € 35.00


Furò Treatment

Exciting bath in a wooden basin with Jacuzzi, chromatic stimuli, sweet perfumes and specific oils.

Duration 20′ » € 30.00

Drainage Furò-Bath // Toxin reducing Furò-Bath // Relaxing Furò-Bath

With salts and Special Oils.

Duration 20′ » € 30.00

Hydrating Milk Bath

Using the benefits of milk to hydrate your skin.

Duration 20′ » € 40.00

Bathing with Oriental Perfumes

With pink salt from the Himalaya Mountains and Essencial Oil like Patchouli and Myrrh.

Duration 20′ » € 45.00

Morellino Furò-Bath

Using the toxin reducing grapes and the relaxing sensation of Morellino wine.

Duration 20′ » € 40.00

NEW » Morellino Furò-Bath for Couples with Wine Tasting

Duration 20′ » € 60.00

Body Scrub

Thanks to marine thermal salt it makes your skin smooth, fresh and ready for further treatments.

Duration 20′ » € 25.00

Body Scrub with Lymphatic Massage

First a deep cleansing with salts and then a pleasant massage with oils to make your skin as smooth as silk.

Duration 30′ » € 45.00

Nutritional Honey Body Scrub

All natural treatment with chestnut honey and organic flower.

Duration 25′ » € 30.00


Deep exfoliating treatment based on indian pink salt from the Himalaya Mountains especially usefull against cellulite.

Duration 30′ » € 45.00

Face and Body “Marine Scrub” Treatment

This exfoliating body treatment uses Sicilian salts together with essential oils; active principles contained in marine seaweeds improve and strenghten your body texture: this makes your skin bright and relaxed. Ideal for those who need to detoxify, nourish and oxygenate their skin.

Duration 60′ » € 70.00

Regenerating Treatment

It consists of a body scrub and pack on the special “Nuvola” (cloud) bed with Thermal Spring Water and Thermal Sea Salt, followed by a final soft massage with karité butter melt in a candle. The skin regenerates and looks smoother and brighter.

Duration 50′ » € 70.00

Reshaping and Drainage Treatment

This treatment deflates and reactivates the body through the action of micronized clay with a reshaping effect. It helps in case of water retention or lipid accumulation due to lymph stasis or difficult microcirculation; it is a true relief for those who suffer from leg swelling.

Duration 60′ » € 70.00

Anticellulite Treatment

The synergy of thermal mud, marine gel and essential oils, applied in the Nuvola or Furò bath and during a specific massage, prevents and mitigates this skin imperfection. A specific Tisane completes the treatment.

Duration 50′ » € 65.00

Intensive Anti-Cellulite Treatment with Seaweeds Gel

A deep and rich treatment for fat and cellulite based on the perfect synergy of massage, balneotherapy and special marine substances. Seaweeds and selected clays are combined in this special treatment, that consists of a Nuvola bath with seaweeds gel, stimulating rubbings and a final massage with specific products containing liposomes.

Duration 70′ » € 80.00

Pink Anticellulite Plaster Treatments

Plaster is an inorganic mixture made of siliceous powders and mineral salts; mixed with water, it generates a number of chemical reactions which produce thermal energy alternating hot and cold phases. Cold has a strong toning effect as it reinforces skin elasticity, while hot, after the cold phase, provides oxygen and nourishment thus helping the body to reduce excess fluid. The pink plaster, with lavender, relieves congestion, purifies and activates cell metabolism.
The plaster stimulates circulation through the alternation of hot and cold phases thus re-establishing the utmost oxygen intake of the tissue and helping the drainage of any excess fluid. It is perfect to fight hard and compact cellulite. The treatment is enriched with vegetable extracts, tinctures and essential oils scrupulously elaborated by prestigious cosmetics. It includes a deep massage of the treated part and a relaxing massage of the feet or the hands.

Duration 90′ » € 130.00

Pink Slimming Plaster

It is a specific treatment to reduce swelling, fat and cellulite, especially on the arms, the abdomen and the back. The vegetable extracts and the essential oils, both applied before the plaster, release their active ingredients thanks to the plosive effect of the plaster itself. It includes a deep massage of the treated part and a relaxing massage of the feet or the hands.

Duration 90′ » € 130.00

Blue Firming and Deflating Plaster

The blue plaster contains menthol which refreshes and protects the skin, making it more compact.
Particularly fit for those who want to keep a well toned and harmonic figure, especially after a slimming diet, a pregnancy or simply sedentary life; very effective in case of thin cellulite. It can be done either on the lower part of the body (legs, buttocks, abdomen) or on the upper part (abdomen, breast and back). Thanks to its deflating and draining properties, it is perfect in case of hydrolipidic stagnation, swollen legs and soft cellulite. It includes a deep massage of the treated part and a relaxing massage of the feet or the hands.

Duration 90′ » € 130.00

Hands Wellness Treatment

Specific treatment rich of hydrating substances to make your hands soft and smooth.

Duration 40’ ca € 40.00

Feet Wellness Treatment

A true relief for tired feet, and a deep sensation of freshness and lightness.

Duration 50’/60′ ca € 50.00

Solar Shower and Depilation

Partial Wax Depilation – Duration 10′/30′ » € 15.00/40.00
Complete Wax Depilation – Duration 30′/40′ » € 50.00
Solar Shower – Duration 10′ » € 12,00

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Facial Beauty Treatments

Classic Facial Cleansing

Wellness Treatments - Facial: Antico Casale di ScansanoGive new life to your face, regenerating and enriching the elasticity of your skin.

Thanks to entirely natural products,
It opens face pores and preparing your skin for other treatments.

Your skin looks lighter and brighter.

Duration 60′ » € 60.00

Facial Cleansing with Royal Jelly

It is an innovative treatment which normalizes hydrolipidic balance through the properties of unsaturated fats. Perfect to nourish the skin deeply.

Duration 60′ » € 70.00

Exfoliant Deep Facial Cleansing

It oxygenates and hydrates arid and thickened skin. The treatment employs shea butter (Karité) and a delicate exfoliating lotion with glycolic acid.

Duration 60′ » € 70.00

Specific Treatment for Impure Skin

This treatment employs natural active ingredients like rosemary, propolis, white clay and royal jelly in order to reduce skin inflammations and cleanse the skin thus making it brighter.

Duration 50′ » € 50.00

Specific Treatment for Thin Skin

Dedicated to the most sensitive skins suffering with redness or couperose, this treatment reduces inflammation, rebalances the skin ph and gives the skin a hydrating boost.

Duration 50′ » € 50.00

“New Skin” Treatment with Blue Plaster

A balanced association of principles able to prevent and contrast the sagging of the skin and the formation of wrinkles; the effect is boosted by the occlusive power of the plaster, whose peculiarity lies in the alternation of hot and cold phases which tone up the epidermis thus making it more compact. The treatment, preceded by a deep cleansing with shea (butter Karité), gives an immediate feeling of is tone and elasticity. It includes a deep massage of the treated part and a relaxing massage of the feet or the hands.

Duration 80′ » € 90.00

Intensive Anti-Age Treatment

It is an intensive treatment using superoxide dismutase, with an excellent anti-ageing effect. It helps to prevent the conditions that encourage skin ageing, such as dehydration, alteration of the skin elasticity and excess of free radicals.

Duration 80′ » € 90.00

Hyaluronic Acid Facial Treatment

It is a deep treatment that improves the beauty of facial skin. It has a lifting effect and makes the skin as smooth as silk.

Duration 50′ » € 60.00

Face Massagge

A specific face massage with a draining, toning and relaxing action, that oxygenates your skin and offers a deep and pleasant sensation.

Duration 25′ » € 40.00

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Specific Treatments for Man

Anti-Age Facial Treatment

It is a treatment that attenuates wrinkles and nourishes the skin in depth with the help of glicofruit.

Duration 50′ » € 50.00

Deep Facial Cleansing

This tratment cleanses the skin in depth and guarantees an excellent intake of nourishing and soothing substances.

Duration 60′ » € 70.00

Oxygen Treatment

It is a specific treatment that purifies and oxygenates the skin making it brighter and well toned. It is perfect for smokers.

Duration 60′ » € 70.00

Specific Massage for Head and Neck

It is a specific massage that helps to release muscle tensions in the cervical section of the body thus encouraging a deep relaxation.

Duration 25′ » € 40.00

Energy Body Treatment

This treatment consists of a body scrub with clay, a thermal pack in the “Nuvola” bed and an energizing massage with rosemary oil. It remineralizes the skin, energizes the body and relaxes the mind.

Duration 50′ » € 60.00

Aesthetical Harmony Plaster for Man

It is a specific treatment which helps to release muscle tensions in the shoulders and reduce fat in the abdomen and the hips. The plaster encourages a vasomotor action through the alternation of cold and hot phases thus re-establishing the utmost oxygen intake of the tissue. The lavender used in the pink plaster activates cell metabolism, relieves congestion and relaxes muscles. The treatment includes a deep massage of the treated part and a relaxing massage of the feet or the hands.

Duration 90′ » € 130.00

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