Wellbeing Paths on Foot or on Horseback

For our Sporty Guests: Paths for Mountain Bikes, Treks, Fitness

Our Wellbeing Paths are ideal for people who love sports and life in the open air: you may cross the fascinating roads of Tuscany on a Mountain Bike or choose wonderful horseback trips in our park, to regain, through a natural contact with environment, your inner harmony.

Wellbeing Trails - Nature Path: Antico Casale di ScansanoThe Antico Casale di Scansano offers you its beautiful park, hills, woods and a stunning view.
In this charming corner of Tuscan Maremma we have created 3 Wellbeing Paths for one person or small group adventures.

You may cross the woods of our estate on foot, horseback or by bicycle, to discover the marvels of our Scansano region.

Let’s Discover Together our 3 Wellbeing Paths

On Foot Path (about 1500 m)

Ideal for short and realxing excursions and to discover sounds and perfumes of our region.

By Mountain Bike Tour (about 1800 m)

Spy roe deers grazing, pheasants and hares looking for food, while you cross the Mediterranean maquis along marked tracks.

On Horseback Path (about 3500 m)

Wellbeing Trails - Horseback Paths: Antico Casale di ScansanoIf you love horseriding you may ride in our estate along an easy and amusing path.

Walking, trotting or shortly galloping through…

Amazing landscapes.

You will meet wild animals, typical of our Tuscan region.

Enjoy Nature. Choose from our Offers…

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