Antico Casale Experience

Wine Tastings

The countryside around Antico Casale Di Scansano Resort & Hotel produces excellent wines, including some of the best Tuscan labels, renowned all over the world. We’re just a few kilometres from Scansano, birthplace of the celebrated Morellino di Scansano.


Il The mild climate, low rainfall and quiet roads in our area make cycling an attractive choice all year round. The area’s geography makes it a real cyclists’ paradise: kilometres of plains, relaxing hills and steep ascents provide routes at all levels of difficulty and fitness, wonderful for all bike lovers.


Shuffling on two wheels, along kilometers of hilly roads full of twists and turns is your passion? Welcome to the biker’s paradise! There are few territories capable of encompassing so many varieties of attractions and places to discover, on two wheels, and Maremma Toscana is undoubtedly one of these.

Horse Riding

Horses and the Maremma are a match made in heaven… in fact this is the home of the Butteri – the Maremma cowboys who guarded their herds on horseback and led the Maremma cattle on their journey to the pastures.
Antico Casale di Scansano collaborates with a well-equipped and qualified Riding Centre which organises treks on horseback among the gentle Tuscan hills.


Do you love to immerse yourself in uncontaminated nature, walk along paths that have the scent of olive trees, observe the splendid specimens of birds that inhabit the territory? You are in the right place!


For professional golfers, but also for anyone wishing to try out this fascinating sport, Maremma is a veritable paradise for golf in Tuscany, offering courses in natural settings which are all different but all wonderful.


You’re in the heart of the Maremma… but why not treat yourself to a day at the seaside, and maybe on board a yacht? There are plenty of places not far from Scansano where you can head for an unforgettable day sailing the crystalline sea of the Argentario coast.

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