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Bike Hotel

in Tuscany

Maremma is a low rainfall region with temperate climate where cycling activity is possible for 12 months a year.

The morphology of the region is a real cycling gym: miles of plains, relaxing hills and steep climbs, together with low traffic roads, offer itineraries of all levels of difficulty and for all legs which are very appreciated by cyclists.

Mountain bikers will love our territory and its adventurous off road trails which run across woods and hills, surrounded by an astonishing panorama.

Maremma’s road network is studded with secondary roads with low traffic and a maximum gradient of 10%. It is also rich in mountain bike trails suitable for all cycling levels and available on GPS, as well as in downhill tracks.

Guided tours, excursions and bike routes

Across our woods you can find two paths created for walking or cycling and discover the peculiarities of our territory.

  • The first one, long about 1,500 m, is perfect for individual or guided escursions and it is aimed to show you the sounds and smells typical of the Tuscan countryide.
  • The second one is about 1,800 m long  and winds its way across the wood: following the indicated path you may have the chance of seeing deers, pheasants and hares looking for food.

Bike Rental

For the most passionate cyclist it is possible to rent a professional bike from MBM, an important bike shop in Grosseto specialized in powered assisted bicycles. You can choose among city bikes , Mountain bikes and Road bikes , with or without power assistance

Ask the front office and the bicycles will be brought directly to the hotel!

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