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At school of traditional cuisine

Do you want to learn the secrets of homemade pasta? Or to choose the right wine to be matched to your dishes? Chef Marcella at Antico Casale di Scansano will reveal you all the secrets of Tuscan Maremma cooking and of its genuine tradition!

Our cooking course is very amusing and creative: you will discover the strong and savoury tastes and smells of our cooking tradition.

During 3 days of  lessons where you will create and taste your own dishes, our chef Marcella will teach you:

  • Some useful tricks to help you choose our typical products
  • how to cook and prepare them according to the tradition
  • how to choose fruits and vegetables, to kned, to cook, to taste and to pair dishes to the local red wines… such as Morellino di Scansano

You can require the course even for 1 day.

The last day of the Tuscan cooking course, “dulcis in fundo”, you will have fun preparing the typical traditional desserts.

Cooking Classes

Pasta in Tuscan cuisine

The first day in the kitchen is dedicated to the main dish of the Italian and Tuscan table, homemade pasta: noodles, noodles, dumplings, tortelli with seasonal fillings, brigoli and pappardelle, in combination with delicious sauces with wild boar, first vegetables and ragù.

Tuscan Peasant Soups

The second day in the kitchen continues with the fabulous peasant soups, seasoned with the precious Tuscan extra virgin olive oil. Discover the secret of the famous Farmhouse Soup!

The Desserts of the Tuscan Culinary Tradition

On the last day of the Tuscan cooking class, “dulcis in fundo”, you will have fun creating the typical desserts of the Maremmana


Cooking lessons from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm

Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy their creations at a lunch or dinner that will take place at the end of the lesson.

On request, guests can take part in the wine tasting carried out by our sommelier. Rates vary according to the menu chosen and the number of people.

For information on course costs contact us on 0564 507219.

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