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Restaurant La Castagneta

At “La Castagneta Restaurant” every dish combines creativity and respect of tradition in every single step: the choice and processing of seasonal products, the cooking and the food plating.

Every single dish is skillfully matched to DOCG local wines, such as the multi-awarded Morellino di Scansano, in a homely atmosphere, sitting in the fireplace room or in the panoramic veranda, admiring the romantic view of the town of Scansano and of the gentle slopes of the Maremma country.

“La Castagneta“ restaurant is open both for lunch and dinner.

Traditional cooking

Tuscan and Maremma

Our starters are prepared with local products typical of Maremma farm cooking, such as bruschetta, seasoned with tomatoes and the savoury Tuscan extra virgin olive oil, or cold cuts, cheese and “crostini”, bruschettas seasoned with chicken liver or vegetable sauces.

Our pasta is entirely homemade by our chef Marcella. Every day Marcella prepares fresh tagliatelle, pappardelle, gnocchi and Tortelli (typical big ravioli stuffed with spinach and ricotta cheese) which then are seasoned with traditional meat sauces or with in season vegetables sauce. Acquacotta, our typical soup made with celery, tomato, bread and egg, is a dish that is not to be missed!

Meat lovers will adore our meat menu which offers local products, such as Maremmana beef, Chianina beef and Cinta Senese pork, as well as international meat steaks like Irish Angus or Finnish Sashi, grilled and served on the hot plate. We also offers savoury dishes with wild boar, rabbit and suckling pork.

Our dishes are perfect to be matched with the renowed Morellino di Scansano or other local wines: Matteo will be pleased to help you choosing the best wine pairing for your meal!

Our menu is enriched with  delicious fresh dishes which are perfect to whet your appetite in the warm summer evenings: tartare, meat or vegetable carpaccios, salads, cold cut selections and much more!

To conclude, choose one of our mouth-watering homemade dessert.

Vegetarian and vegan cooking

Those who love the Tuscan Hills product but do not want to renounce the genuine vegetarian cooking can  always find many delicious dishes in our menu, such as grilled vegetables, flans or cheese.

Particular attention is paid to people suffering from intolerances or celiac disease.


We believe that breakfast is the most important moment of the day on Holidays, not only from a nutritional point of view: it is a special event, a boost of energy, a moment to cuddle yourself as you never do when rushing to go to work!

Only during holidays you can enjoy a variety of sweet and savoury temptations accompanied by the smell of coffee: a very embarrassment of riches!

At Antico Casale Hotel & Resort breakfast is our visiting card and one of our added values: every morning you can taste an international breakfast with local products “Km 0” and home made cakes, pies and biscuits and also pizza!

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