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Antico Casale di Scansano Hotel & Resort is located in Scansano in the province of Grosseto, a town in the Maremma hills, set between the coast and the slopes of Mount Amiata: an open location which gives magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. Today the Scansano area of Maremma is characterised by green hills packed with meadows and lined by rows of olives and vines, making it the ideal destination for anyone seeking close contact with nature and long walks among mediterranean vegetation blooming with broom, cistus and strawberry trees.

«The word maremma is spelled with a small m because it means any low-lying, swampy region near the sea where the toboli, or dunes - the strips of coastal land - prevent watercourses from freely flowing into the sea, causing stagnation. The result is the creation of waterlands, swamps. Not Maremma, then: maremma. And since the peninsula's largest maremma and the most famous, the most deadly, where malaria raged mercilessly for centuries at a time, was the coastal area of southern Tuscany and western Lazio, to the point where in the history of medicine, and popular literature too, the word malaria was linked to this land, the theatre of its terrifying wickedness, the Tuscan-Lazian maremma took the capital M. It became Maremma to indicate the region once inhabited by the Etruscans. A region so large that very soon Maremma became plural. So we speak of Maremme» (Aldo Santini)


During your stay in Maremma you will certainly not miss the opportunity to visit the area through a series of excursions that we can organize for you and your loved ones in nearby Pitigliano, Scansano or in any other city in Tuscany you prefer, like Florence, Siena or Pisa alone to name a few.

Among our favorite excursions and those that we recommend you absolutely do not miss, You Find…

Panorama delle colline di Scansano

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