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We believe breakfast is the most important time of day when you’re on holiday, and not just in nutritional terms: it’s a special moment for recharging the batteries, a real treat compared to the usual quick coffee on the way to work! Only on holiday do we have the pleasure of finding an array of sweet and savoury delicacies awaiting us, accompanied by the aroma of coffee and the wonderful feeling of being spoilt for choice. It’s like Christmas morning every day!

At Antico Casale Hotel & Resort, breakfast is our calling card and one of our added values: every morning guests can enjoy an extensive international breakfast with locally-produced delicacies, cakes and biscuits freshly baked on the premises every morning using genuine ingredients.

Organic and gluten-free options

The best selection of organic and gluten-free products to suit everyone.


Light and packed with energy and fibre


Fresh, selected from organic orchards for a boost of energy; in syrup, for a deliciously sweet treat.


Fragrant, home-made and newly-baked.


Made from the best local fruit, for a concentrated dose of energy and vitamins, fresh and invigorating.

Honey and jams

Sweet nectars to spread on bread or enjoy with cheese.

Cheese and cold meats

A wide range of charcuterie plus the flavour of cheeses produced from the very best milk.

Irresistible flavours that will stay with you all day.

Miele di acacia e di castagno in barattolo
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